Lameness/Sports Medicine

All your performance and lameness needs can be taken care of by the veterinarians at Large Animal Veterinary Services. Our field veterinarians have the training and the equipment to diagnose and treat many lameness problems on your farm.

We have the capability to take digital radiographs in the field as well as perform digital ultrasound exams. The clinic setting provides an indoor facility where our veterinarians can efficiently work up any lameness issue from the simple to the very involved, or work with horses that are referred from within or outside of our practice area.

Large Animal Veterinary Services is equipped with many tools used to diagnose lameness problems in the horse including portable digital radiographic equipment, whether in the clinic or on the farm. We also have a digital ultrasound unit that allows us to diagnose and recheck soft tissue lesions (such as tendon and ligament tears and strains) both in the clinic and on the farm.

Advanced therapeutic techniques are also available at Large Animal Veterinary Services including

  • Joint injection therapy
  • IRAP (Interleukin Receptor-Antagonist Protein)
  • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)
  • Stem cell therapy
  • Surgical treatment (arthroscopy, tenoscopy, fasciotomy, neurectomy, etc.)

Pre-purchase exams can be performed in the clinic or in the field by our veterinarians. Whether you are purchasing a family pleasure horse or an upper level performance horse we offer a very thorough examination to make sure any and all medical and lameness issues are revealed.

The above diagnostic equipment, as well as endoscopy to evaluate the upper airway, can also be utilized to help you be sure you’ve found an equine partner well-suited to your desired discipline and level. We also offer drug testing with our pre-purchase examinations.