Equine Medicine

We provide in-depth internal medicine services including thorough physical exams and evaluation of internal organs. We are equipped to provide care for critically ill patients, including intravenous medications and fluid therapy.

We provide diagnosis, management and treatment of colics, neurologic diseases, neonatal + post-foaling care, laminitis, and respiratory conditions. We offer in house laboratory equipment with complete blood count, electrolyte, blood gas, and serum chemistry analyzers.

The respiratory system is evaluated for infectious and chronic respiratory disease via re-breathing exams, thoracic ultrasound, trans-tracheal wash, thoracocentesis, and endoscopy of the upper and lower airways.

We provide neurological evaluation with a complete neurologic exam and diagnostic procedures such as cerebrospinal fluid analysis and cervical spine imaging.

The gastrointestinal system is evaluated via examination, rectal palpation, gastroscopy, complete abdominal ultrasound, and abdominocentesis.

Evaluation of the urinary tract includes endoscopy, ultrasound, urinary catheterization, and urinalysis.

Ophthalmic exam includes evaluation with an ophthalmoscope and we commonly diagnose and treat uveitis, corneal ulcers, and other ocular diseases. For simple conditions, such as superficial corneal ulcers, we can thoroughly examine the eye on an outpatient basis. Some more serious conditions, such as deep ulcers or uveitis, may require the placement of a sub-palpebral lavage system and possible hospitalization.