Diagnostic Imaging


We currently have a 1 meter and 3 meter fiberoptic endoscope available for diagnostic procedures. The 1 meter scope is used for upper airway imaging including the sinus, guttural puches and larynx, and examination of the urinary tract and uterus. The 3 meter endoscope is used to visualize the esophagus, stomach, pylorus and the first portion of the small intestine. A video monitor allows you to see the structures along with the doctor. We are also able to take photos and digitally store the images.

Digital radiology

LAVS currently has an Eklin digital radiography unit. Digital radiology allows instant high detail images and allows us to detect very small problems which are often not visible on traditional x-rays. Digital radiographs can be performed in clinic or out at barns, and are used commonly in pre-purchase exams, lameness work-ups, farrier consultations, and dental procedures.


Ultrasound provides high-detailed viewing of soft tissue structures such as ligaments, tendons, joints, lungs, abdomen, uterus, and bladder. We currently have 2 portable Exago ultrasound machines with tendon, rectal, and abdominal/thoracic probes. Ultrasound allows for real-time measurement of soft tissues. It is used commonly in lameness diagnosis, uterus and ovary imaging, pregnancy diagnosis, GI abnormalities, and lung disease.